Night at the Sanatorium

In 2019, I did a combined urbex trip and a trip to my Norwegian roots. It was my first summer as a single in many years and even though it was a lot that was hard to become single, traveling was not a problem.

I have always enjoyed exploring myself and love the silence and tranquility of a deserted place. All thoughts of what it has been like and looked like when it was still an active place. There is a sad joy in that I think.

This old Sanatorium is located at the top of a Norwegian mountain and I got there just before midnight. When I turned in, a car disappeared pretty quickly. I probably scared some other explorers away. 🙂

I took my sleeping mat, cameras and coffee thermos and slept over at the Sanatorium to prove to myself that I dared. At first it was a little scary with all the sounds, the wind blowing, birds in the attic and doors slamming.

But after a while I felt calm and it was fantastic to experience the dawn above the clouds.