My music can be found in several places around the net. I have an album out done with some friends under the name Elektrik Warfare. All songs and lyrics written by me but couldn´t have done it with out my friends. This album is quite old school heavy but most songs I write are more soft, mellow and often with a blue tone.

I have 2 songs up on Spotify and working on an Album. An Album with no boundaries and limits. It will be hopefully a really diverse album where I go bananas in the Synth World 😉

I also play keys on a Human Cometh album and did some string arrangements for a ballad with M.O.B and a few notes on M.M.I:s albums

You can also find some of my stuff at Kompoz and Reverb Nation. I have a Youtube channel with both my music, animations, art and photo and there´s also a bunch of videos og gigs with Reloaded and Cartago on Youtube.