Music Maestro

Music is everything and everything is music! Music have ment a lot to me in all my life. I started to play piano at home as kid and have played keyboards, synth, organ etc in a lot of different bands during the years. But I think I love the creative process of writing most of all. Some love to be om stage, some love to play covers. I used to play in a Coverband for several years when I was younger and also Reloaded 10 years ago where a mix of own material and Covers. But just doing covers kills my inspiration and creativity and I need to get songs out of my head. 😉 So writing is pure meditation for me.

I also love gigs and festivals. It can be a small pub gig or a huge festival, I love em both. And some of the memories stick forever. The first gig I saw with The Sweet when I was 11 years old at Concerthuset in Stockholm, The first KISS gig at Gröna Lund, the extremely crowded Gröna Lund at Bob Marleys gig.

The festivals in Europe, especially Rock of Ages in Seebronn, Germany. Always such nice feeling there. People are happy, drink cheap and good beer and love music.

But gigs doesn´t have to be that large, I love as much to go to Stampen or S:ta Clara in Old Town, Stockholm and listen to blues.