Me & Urbex

I´ve been doing this as long as I can remember. I loved exploring abandoned houses and scrapyard even as kid. So I guess it´s a lifetime relation ;). For me there´s a lot of things involved in what´s called Urbex.

I love the freedom of roadtrips, I love the beauty of the countryside and to turn off the highway and ride along old gravel roads instead. It´s a combination of interest for the old, nature and find new adventures.

I´m also interested in Industrial history and everything that laid ground for the wellfare we have today. I think we are really bad in taking care of that history and I think Germany for example are better in that. They have turned old factories and mines in to exhibitions and cultural centers in many places.

But we are not the only country that are bad to take care of our history. Belgium is full of abandoned and forgotten industries. And a lot of castles beyond salvation.

There´s a lot to see and explore here in Sweden but I also love to be on the road and explore other countries. Journeys like that are the ultimate freedom imho and you experience so much on such a journey.

Some of my favourite places for roadtrips are Belgium, Germany, Scotland and UK. But probably the most beautyful location is around the big lakes in northern Italy. There was also one of the coolest/strangest places I´ve explored. It was ment to become a new Casino City in the mountains. I think they started to build it in 68 but it never got finished. The roads weren´t good enough to hold busses and they went bankrupt and stopped the project in 75.